Brass Padlock | Adjustable Shackle | Master Lock

Model (SKU): 1950D
Brand: Master Lock
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  • Model (SKU)
  • 1950D
  • EAN (Barcode)
  • 3520190019554
  • Width
  • 50mm
  • Vertical Shackle Clearance (mm)
  • 11
  • Number of Keys per Lock
  • 2
  • Body Width (mm)
  • 25
  • Cable Length (mm)
  • 50
  • Main Material
  • Brass
  • Primary Colour
  • Brass
  • Horizontal Shackle Clearance (mm)
  • 70-155


  • Primary Colour: Brass
  • Body Width (mm): 25
  • Vertical Shackle Clearance (mm): 11

The primary colour of this brass Padlock is brass and the width of the padlock s body is 25mm. The brass padlock has a vertical shackle clearance of 11mm and the padlock has a horizontal shackle clearance of 70-155mm. The length of the cable on the padlock is 50mm.


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